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Dr. Geek - 2007-05-11 20:09:04
I once confused 2 tb with 2 tsp when measuring out hydrocodone cough syrup once... the results involved a lot of cold sweats, pale skin, and a sofa that spun in several directions at once. Not pleasant.
Epiphany - 2007-05-12 16:05:10
My mom did that very thing about a month ago...she had some interesting hallucinations...gah. Glad you're, you know...still alive :)
scotvalkyrie - 2007-05-12 21:49:45
Whoa. You took 6 teaspoons of codeine? I'm impressed! The last time I did anything like that I drank half a bottle of Nyquil and hallucinated that I was on a runaway train full of midgets. However, Gil Grissom came to our rescue. No, wait, was that the time I drank two bottles of Boone's Strawberry Hill?
Kungfukitten - 2007-05-14 03:38:03
I've actually done that before too. I was fine, just sleepy. Do not operate heavy machinery.
Marn, eh - 2007-05-14 21:30:45
Holy crap. Don't be doing that again, m'kay?
J - 2007-06-07 16:09:55
Wait, does this mean you've been on the bathroom floor since your last post in February?
katie d - 2007-08-27 05:28:08
holy shit. i am glad you're okay. :( please read your labels more carefully, from now on, 'kay?

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