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katie d - 2005-09-04 10:14:13
dude. i'm so with ya. (and nice to see you out of your shell, even if it was just to freak out.) kd
Lauren - 2005-09-04 14:33:59
I agree. Fuckity fuck. I am hoping that the enormous backlash against the current administration just might make replacing Rehnquist with another Rehnquist not so easy to do?
trasker - 2005-09-04 18:22:35
I. Know. I am more than a little scared to see what comes next... *shudder*
kehla - 2005-09-06 14:46:20
No, it's true. I have a source.
Blue Meany - 2005-09-06 20:13:40
For real. It's scary. Especially considering there's not a whole lot left to ban. I can see it now -- "No more heterosexual marriages! And forget about moving to Canada; it's banned. Do you hear me? BANNED! Heathen infidels."
awittykitty - 2005-09-08 22:29:27
I kinda thought the same thing about Dick Cheney...that he really died like months ago and that was why Bush was fucking up even more severely than usual, because Cheney wasn't really running the country any more. But then I saw him walking around New Orleans. Of course, if you ever saw the movie "Wag the Dog", who knows if that was really him, or that was really New Orleans.
uaiymghmja - 2007-07-08 11:38:26
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